How MediaMarkt drastically increased sales and efficiency in all their stores

Using our proven enterprise-level technology, MediaMarkt Benelux has been able to transition their subscriptions business - telecom, insurances, and more - to the next level. This enabled them to move on to the next phase of their goal to become the #1 services & solutions provider in Europe.

The secret of their success?

An enterprise level proposition management system

The ability to roll out new sales portals and webshops easily

Full automation of all their service-based products. Do more with less!

Dedicated customer support to help store employees 24/7

They used WRQR to drastically increase their sales.

Using a great sales-flow, which is the same for both stores and online customers, saves MediaMarkt Benelux a lot of time. This enables them to engage with way more customers in the same amount of time.

"We have an extreme ambition to grow, and with WRQR we're ready for the future!"

Milad Ahmadi - MediaMarkt Benelux - Manager Service Operations
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